Recovering from unexpected job loss is tough.
This book makes it a lot easier.
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The Best Ways To Put
Unexpected Job Loss In The Past Now
The Amazing Job Loss Book That  Will Help You Beat Career Crisis And Regain Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Have you recently lost your job?
  • Are you worried about what’s going to happen with your career next? 
  • Are you battling emotional issues such as self-doubt and anxiety?
Here's a realistic guide for turning a temporary career setback into a silver lining!
The author's own personal story about her job loss journey
Four easy-to-follow action plans for a successful transition
Expert advice from professionals who've been through job loss
A realistic plan to turn a temporary setback into a silver lining
Countless tips for dealing with the emotional impact of job loss
Helpful pointers to polish your resume and nail your next job interview
"Sometimes, life's going to hit you in the head
with a brick. don't lose faith."
~ Steve Jobs ~

What Readers Are Saying...
Megan Wagner's book should be required reading for anyone that has either been canned, let go, or unceremoniously dumped. This is an honest look into the immediate feelings of being fired to rising up and embracing your new life. She provides insights from experts, as well as everyday people, who have experienced job loss.
Jason M.
Amazon Verified Purchaser
“Fighting FIRED With Fire is a pick yourself up by your bootstraps kind of book; filled with honesty, empathy, positivity, and an underlying belief of working towards the next step/ level. Megan M. Wagner offers up steps of actions to take from right after the moment up to the interview or opening of your own business.”

Brenda L.
Amazon Verified Purchaser
"The author has written an excellent guide for anyone who was fired, lost a job or may one day have this happen. Unfortunately that could be anyone these days. This book is solid, giving you the steps and mindset you need in this stressful time, and helps you come out on the other side stronger. Definitely worth reading or gifting to someone in need!"
Kathy H.
Amazon Verified Purchaser
About the Author
Megan M. Wagner

In 2015, Megan Wagner's full-time job came to abrupt end when she found herself out of a job as a communications director. The stress, anxiety and uncertainty that she felt in the days, weeks and months afterwards inspired her to write, Fighting FIRED With Fire.

As a 15-year marketing communications professional, she’s always dreamed of a more meaningful career and owning her own business. But nearly two years later, Megan’s come to realize that her dismissal was the best thing that could have a happened to her. She’s now living her dream of owning her own marketing consulting business and sharing her personal story with others who might be experiencing job loss.
Learn more about Megan at:

Winning Strategies To Regain Confidence And Self-Esteem
Follow the advice in this book and you’ll have more confidence to bounce back and build a career and future you can be excited about! I promise that you will find comfort in knowing that you’re not alone, that you can overcome this temporary career setback and go on to experience a meaningful career that you’ve always dreamed of.
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